good day good day bad day bad day
Pushing my thumb through a plate
Dream Horse
664 Love Songs guaranteed to cure heartache
Sexton Blakes
Hand coloured
Grinding Bust turning
Blue sky sprites
A day at the spa

& more.

664 Love songs guaranteed to cure heartache

664 Love songs guaranteed to cure heartache is a set of three songs without a singer. The lyrics are made from the words of the 664 number ones from when charts began in 1952 up until 1990. I was fascinated by the similarities of the pop vocabulary and how, in most arrangements, they produce passable lyrics. This is not a cynical look at these lyrics but a presentation of something that I found quite joyful - how such sentimental, personal, nostalgic and, ultimately, moving things share such a similar DNA and how little lyrics have changed. There’s a little bit of a looking glass into my own false nostalgia and list culture and I’m hoping that the surtitles will coax your inner voice into singing little personal songs . Don’t worry if it doesn’t, you’ll definitely recognise every lyric.

Violin: Clare Duckworth
Cello: Rebecca Gilliver
Bass Flute: Alex Jakeman
Synthesiser: Aaron Burrows
Conductor: Darren Bloom

shortlisted for ISCM world music days 2019