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Sexton Blakes
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Sexton Blakes
Sexton Blakes is a little piece about the late art forger, Tom Keating and about being a fraud. I think of him with fondness and scepticism, a genuine fake. He flooded the art market with fake works, producing potentially thousands of pastiche pieces, we don’t really know, he wasn’t all that honest. This wasn’t an exercise of profit but deception. Tom described it as socialist art, designed to devalue inflated pieces and defraud their owners, we don’t really know, he wasn’t all that honest. Tom was an expert in material, he knew how to make a young canvas from a pub look like it were old and from an auction house - he also knew how to make that canvas reveal itself a few years later, we don’t really know, he wasn’t all that honest. The piece takes the form of, and is made from, an/many interview/s

I made the wax bouquet (sort of thing) in my bath in my old flat in Walthamstow.


Conductor: John Hargreaves
Violin: Tom Norris
Viola: Anna Bastow
Cello: Rebecca Gilliver
Double Bass: Jani Pensola
Trombone: Dudley Bright
Bassoon: Joost Bosdijk
Clarinet: Ausiàs Garrigós Morant
Flute: Alex Jakeman