good day good day bad day bad day
Pushing my thumb through a plate
Dream Horse
664 Love Songs guaranteed to cure heartache
Sexton Blakes
Hand coloured
Grinding Bust turning
Blue sky sprites
A day at the spa

& more.

good day good day bad day bad day

good day good day bad day bad day is a tender look at the simultaneously debilitating and beautiful irrationalities of our everyday lives; how our obsessions and compulsions surface and the rituals, superstitions and routines we all play out to appease our minds - a n d - how that never really works. I started to think about this piece after conversations with people close to me and although it is not biographical, it is made for them and from their experiences of the violent, loving, contradictory, mundane, ceremonious, stupid, unnerving, serious, frightening, illogical, comforting, nullifying thoughts that are fought in our heads.

It is a private situation made public - a musical ‘everyday’ in George and Siwan’s living room.

Performed by George Barton and Siwan Rhys

Commissioned by GBSR duo, St John Smith’s square with help from the PRS open fund and RVW trust.